A world record-breaking journey to carry the Olympic legacy from London to Rio,

using just man (and women) power alone to travel 6,400 miles from one Olympic host city the next.


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Our Adventure has been created by ourselves from just an idea into a reality. No races, No organisers, just pure adventure. We will cover nearly 7000 miles by human power alone, unsupported and achieving three world records at the same time



1. World first for a 4 man crew from Europe to South America- Mainland to Mainland

2. Trailbalzing a new route never rowed before from Lagos- Portugal to Recife- Brazil

3. World first for an official mixed crew two male and two female rowers across

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It was this day last year that many of you came to wave good bye at The Olympic Park as I started the adventure... t.co/YCbagcnLXq